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Finally – We Started The Fundraiser!

Published on December 9, 2012 by in Ecco Project

Welcome to JointFunding.org.

We received the following questions in regard to our EccoPro fundraiser:

Q If I was to pledge a couple of 100 $ to the crowdfunding effort, what will happen next? More specifically:

Q 1. Will I lose my money if you don’t reach the 10,000 $ limit?

A No, if we do not reach the $10,000 limit within 60 days (unless extended) all moneys except a $0.30 transaction fee will be returned! “Jointfunding” will operate like Kickstarter.

Q 2. If you do reach it and there will be a product, will I get anything else in return for my investment? I.e. will I get a license? Limited or unlimited?

A Yes, depending on the amount pledged you will receive one free license with annual support.

Q 3. What’s the overall plan regarding licences (limited / unlimited / costs) for the software?

A The future price point for the custom EccoPro solution will not exceed $20.00 equal to other similar annual licenses with support.

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2 Responses

  1. Lawrence Johnson

    Could some one please clarify what functionality on Android is proposed? I have used Ecco Pro for many years on PC only. If the goal is to provide a significant level of Ecco functionality on Android and to automatically sync back and forth with a PC (like Evernote for example), I am very interested. If the goal is to provide a manual process for periodically porting data for read-only purposes onto an Android device, I have no interest. Could we see the list of requirements that went to potential developers?

    • admin

      Based on the original two-way sync with a Palm device, the functionality will be similar to Mobisynapse’s present two-way sync of Android with Microsoft Outlook. You might run a test, Mobisynapse offers a trial version of its present system.

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